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Announcement: »Corruption is not an option«

Published date: 01.07.2013 08:39 | Author: MBŠ

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In order to raise awareness and stimulate natural and legal person to report corruptive acts known to them, Customs administration initiates realization of a campaign »Corruption is not an option«

Dedication of the customs administration towards the determined fight against corruption was formulated through a series of specific focused activities. We have adopted and promoted new Code of Ethics of customs officers and civil servants, established Board of Ethics in charge of monitoring and successful implementation of the Code and nominated ethical trustees in the customs houses. We have also organized trainings for customs officers in all customs houses in Montenegro, thus completing the 1st cycle of specific training of customs administration, focused on enhancing integrity of customs officers.

Our effort were recognized and, part from direct contact with foreign experts, one of important indicators that we are moving in the right direction was provided with publishing note on realized activities of customs administration in terms of integrity, ethics, and combatting corruption, which was recently published in the "WCO Integrity Newsletter". Our model was recognized as an example of best practice.

With the campaign “Corruption is not an option” we shall take a step further in our determined fight against corruption. Our goal is to raise awareness of natural and legal persons on importance of tis active participation and contribution in this area. In order to make the reporting option available to everyone, apart from reporting to the open customs line phone number, personal delivery to the address of the Customs administration and through the e-mail, we have also activated the option of filling out of online report form.

Within the campaign we have printed out flyers, containing all necessary information on the corruption reporting method, which shall be disseminated along the daily newspapers. TV advert shall be also broadcasted.

Bearing in mind the importance of business community in the efficient anti-corruption action, we shall organize the roundtable “Corruption is not an option” on 8 July 2013, in cooperation with the Chamber of Coerce.