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Announcement: Successfully realized I training cycle

Published date: 23.05.2013 14:58 | Author: MBŠ

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In accordance with the Plan of specific trainings of customs administration, the 1st cycle was successfully organized for heads of customs offices, shift leaders and customs inspector of field units Customs houses Kotor, Podgorica, Bijelo Polje and Bar, attended by more than 80 customs officers.

 Customs administration is paying significant attention both to individual training of the employees, and group education and development to be of use of organization and staff in efficient implementation f principles of integrity, ethics and combatting corruption.

 Plan of specific training of the customs administration is aimed at raising awareness on importance of combating corruption and dedication of the institution to conduct measures in direction of detecting and suppressing corruption, improvement of knowledge and abilities in terms of efficient, responsible and transparent realization of work tasks.

Training participants were provided in detail with the concept and types of corruption, indicators, method of identification, assessment of risk of corruption and other unacceptable behaviour within their work posts and tasks they perform, methods of reporting and legal institutional anti-corruption framework in Customs Administration and in Montenegro.

 Within the training sessions, we have emphasized the importance of integrity principle and preventive anti-corruption mechanisms: rotation of customs officers, evasion of conflict of interest, protection of customs officers reporting the corruption and Code of Ethics.

 The importance of respecting standards and rules of conduct, stipulated by the Code of Ethics, was emphasized, which the state employees and civil servants must follow in conducting their duties. When acting in accordance with the norms of Code of Ethics, customs officers become politically impartial, loyal to the service, fair, unbiased, efficient, polite and efficient pursuant to the public interest. Trainings also include the procedure of treatment of gifts, trusted items and information, declaring potential and actual conflict of interest. The role of Board of Ethics was emphasized, as preventive mechanism in raising reputation and integrity of customs service, through monitoring of implementation of Code of Ethics.

Lecturers at the trainings were:

-  Ana Vuletić- Head of internal Control unit,

-  Radivoje Pejović- Chairman of the Board of Ethics,

-  Siniša Bjeković- member of the Board of Ethics (representative of the NGO sector),

-  Rajko Pejović- ethical trustee in Customs house Podgorica,

-  Nataša Zec, ethical trustee in Customs house Bar,

-  Anes Feleć, ethical trustee in Customs house Bijelo Polje,

-  Branko Pavićević, ethical trustee in Customs house Kotor.


The participants have evaluated trainings as positive contribution to increase knowledge of corruption, as negative phenomena, familiarization with preventive and specific actions in combatting this phenomenon, and raising awareness on necessity of personal and professional actions in combatting corruption.