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Announcement: Integrity in Customs service

"Confronting corruption and improving integrity and ethics is permanent task and mission of the customs service", says Miroslav Raonic, Head of Human Resources Department


REPORT On activities of the Internal Control Unit for 2013

REPORT On activities of the Internal Control Unit for 2013

»Top priority for all Governments should be to ensure that Customs is free of corruption. This requires a firm commitment at the highest political and administrative levels to establishing and maintaining a high standard of integrity throughout the civil service and particularly in the Customs« World Customs organization


Announcement: »Corruption is not an option«

In order to raise awareness and stimulate natural and legal person to report corruptive acts known to them, Customs administration initiates realization of a campaign »Corruption is not an option«


Announcement: Example of good practice

Announcement: Example of good practice

New WCO integrity newsletter contains information on realized activities by the customs administration of Montenegro on matters of integrity, ethics and combating corruption as examples of good practice in that area


Announcement: Successfully realized I training cycle

In accordance with the Plan of specific trainings of customs administration, the 1st cycle was successfully organized for heads of customs offices, shift leaders and customs inspector of field units Customs houses Kotor, Podgorica, Bijelo Polje and Bar, attended by more than 80 customs officers