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Announcement: Progress noted

Announcement: Progress noted
Published date: 12.04.2013 09:16 | Author: MBŠ

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Customs administration is continuously making progress, it was noted during the meeting held between Maria Pastor and Andrzej Tyrowicz, experts that led the DG TAXUD Monitoring Mission (Taxation and Customs Union – European Commission) with the top management of the customs administration

Mission was focused on determining level of adaption of functioning, method of operations and performance of business processes, and to get insight into the status, planning and issues related to the implementation of the Interoperability and interconnectivity strategy (IIS) between the national and IT systems in EU Member states, as well as updating assessment of knowledge of customs officers in this area. The goal is to identify type of assistance that needs to be provided to the customs administration in the field of IIS, and to analyse current status of project implementation and recommend specific project management techniques.

It was concluded that the customs administration is continuously making progress and that it is on the right track in relation to the activities related to business processes, as well as interconnectivity and interoperability of its IT system.

It was schedule for 29 March the workshop entitled: »Roadmap and ownership of strategic programs and initiatives for customs administration on the EU accession path«.

Apart from customs administration, Monitoring mission has also included the Tax administration in separate visits.