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Announcement: Presentation of “Border control on Montenegro’s path to the EU-container control”

Announcement: Presentation of “Border control on Montenegro’s path to the EU-container control”
Published date: 12.04.2013 09:07 | Author: MBŠ

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Customs administration and police administration have organized today in Bar presentation “Border control on Montenegro’s path to the EU-container control”, intended for the permanent diplomatic representatives in Montenegro

One of priorities in the assessment of accession of Montenegro to the EU is strengthening interagency cooperation in combatting organized crime. Consequently, representatives of the customs administration and Police administration have presented joint operational activities aimed at strengthening border controls, as achieving more efficient control of container on the basis of risk analysis. Complex container transport industry proved suitable for smuggling of narcotics, weapons, undeclared goods and persons. For the same reason is highlighted the need for permanent strengthening of container traffic controls in the ports.

Vladan Joković, Director of customs administration, said that the customs service as one of principal “safeguards of the Montenegrin borders” is responsible for prevention of smuggling of narcotics, weapons, good infringing the intellectual property rights and illicit goods. For that reason, customs administration is intensively enhancing operational, administrative and technical capacities, so that in cooperation with other government authorities harmonize its border procedures with the EU rules and standards.

Slavko Stojanović, Director of customs administration emphasized the dedication in creation of firm and uncompromised response to all challenges that we are facing. He pointed out that the Police administration and customs administration are achieving extremely good results through joint activities at border crossing points.

Consequently, the method of operations was presented to the participants, equipment used in detection of smuggled goods, as well as results achieved in joint activities. During 2012 and first three months of 2013, in 53 instances was prevented smuggling of narcotics (seized 1359 kg of skunk, 15.5 kg of heroin and 686 grams of cocaine), and also prevented smuggling of other types of goods.

Kettil Ottersen, Executive coordinator of Container control programme, and Tulio Santini, Head of regional section of UNODC for Europe, have emphasized that the joint efforts and distinguished results of two services have been recognized, deserving full attention and readiness to provide support and assistance.

We have also organized the presentation of performance of scanner in the customs office Free zone Bar for the diplomatic representatives.