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Announcement: Highest score for customs administration of Montenegro

Published date: 26.02.2013 15:37 | Author: MBŠ

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Monitoring mission of the European Commission has evaluated the customs administration of Montenegro with highest score (A) for project »System of electronic exchange of data« - SEED in Western Balkans

Customs Administration of Montenegro has been awarded the highest score (A) for implementation of regional SEED Project. Monitoring mission, established by the European Commission, visited the customs administration of Montenegro and had the first person insight into the undertaken activities during the implementation of this electronic system and its implementation in everyday practice.  After the monitoring has been conducted, Mission announced the official evaluation and appraised excellent results shown by the Customs Administration of Montenegro. Excerpt from the referred document reads as following:

»We firmly believe that it was possible due to dedication and full cooperation from our administration, which led to excellent results in SEED Project, which shall hopefully continue through SEED maintenance«.

Signing of Protocol on electronic exchange of information with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, Customs Administration of Montenegro has fully implemented Phase II of the SEED Project, enabling provision of pre-arrival information on goods, and therefore more efficient risk analysis. Moreover, Operational instructions for the use of SEED system have been issued, making this system part of official customs procedures. System shall be further built upon and improved, especially in terms of operational use.

Highest score represents appraisal of high quality and volume of efforts put into the implementation of SEED system by the customs administration of Montenegro. It also confirms that we are in right direction in activities conducted in reaching highly placed European standards in customs procedures.