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Announcement: Major skunk seizure at Debeli brijeg BCP

Published date: 19.02.2013 14:15 | Author: G. Ć.

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Well-trained team of customs officers from the Debeli Brijeg customs office and police officers have found very-well concealed 199 packaging of dry herbal substance, with justifiable suspicion of that substance being narcotic drug marijuana, subtype skunk.
On the basis of risk-analysis we have selected vehicle with Albanian licence plates for the purpose of detailed control. It was located at the exist lane, driven by the Albanian national D.R. Together with him in the vehicle was also D.B., as well two minors.
In the false bottom of the vehicle we have found 199 packaging, fastened with duct tape and transparent foil, containing 230 kg of skunk.
Detailed control was conducted organoleptically using the inspection mirrors and auxiliary tools.
Following the completion of detailed control, persons, vehicle and drugs in question were handed over to the Police administration for further procedure.