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Announcement: Modernization and improvement of the customs system

Announcement: Modernization and improvement of the customs system
Published date: 31.01.2013 08:29 | Author: MBŠ

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Representatives of the Customs Administration today have met with the experts of Austrian customs service and participants in realization of the Twinning project »Preparation of the Customs Administration of Montenegro for implementation of New Computerized Transit System (NCTS)«, representing one of important steps of this Administration in realization of goals on the path towards of EU integration

This Project is very important for customs service of Montenegro and it continuation of its continuous activities directed towards modernization and harmonization to the global and European standards.

The aim of the Project is strengthening capacities of Customs Administration and providing support and assistance in establishing administrative and legal structure for implementation of customs transit system harmonized with NCTS, as well as preparation of information and communication technology in order to speed up and facilitate transit procedures at border crossing points.

The Project is worth 250 thousand Euro, and its implementation consists in nine steps: elaboration of rulebooks and guidelines for implementation of new provisions of the Customs Law in terms of transit, drafting of business process models concerning transit procedure, raising awareness of traders in this area, establishing national Helpdesk according to the European Commission specifications, implementation of comprehensive NCTS training programme, provision of NCTS training for traders...

The meeting, apart from the representatives of the Customs Administration of Montenegro, Austrian customs service and European Commission, was also attended by the representatives of Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro, who will monitor the implementation of Twinning project from various points of view and participate in next phases of accession to the NCTS Convention.