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Announcement: Prevented smuggling 30 kg of skunk

Announcement: Prevented smuggling 30 kg of skunk
Published date: 31.01.2013 08:15 | Author: MBŠ

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Customs officers from the customs office Sukobin, in cooperation with the police officers of Montenegro and the Republic of Albania, on 27/01/2013, have prevented smuggling of narcotic drug skunk

Detailed inspection of passenger motor vehicle, with Albanian licence plates, driven by Albanian national G.E., and with G.E. as co-driver and two minors, conducted by the customs and police officers, resulted in detection of 72 PVC bags with approximately 30 kg of dry herbal substance with the reasonable suspicion of that substance being narcotic drug marijuana, subtype skunk. The substance was concealed in specially made bunker in false bottom of the vehicle.

In accordance with the protocol on operations of border crossing point Sukobin-Murićan, persons, vehicle, and drugs were handed over to the police officers of the Republic of Albania.