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Published date: 28.12.2012 16:15 | Author: G. Ć.

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Customs Administration of Montenegro is pleased to announce that it has fulfil its role very successfully during 2012, which is primarily related to the efficient revenue collection, safety and protection of customs territory, simplification of customs procedures and speeding the trade, enhancement of integrity etc.

During 2012 (during the period 01/01/2012 – 20/12/2012 to be exact) the customs administration has collected 341.597.758,08 Euro of revenues, out of which 283.604.720,99 Euro is VAT, 28.316.002,73 Euro of customs duties and 29.040.329,99 Euro of excise duties, which is at the level of budgetary revenues from the last year. We have processed over 350.000 customs declarations for 5210 companies involved in customs procedure. It is important to note that this significant financial result was achieved in the conditions of negative impact of financial crisis on Montenegrin economy, as well as reduction of level of fiscal duties for some goods in this period. 

From the point of view of safety of customs territory and control functions, 2012 was one of the most successful years in operation of Customs Administration of Montenegro. During 2012 the officers of Customs administration have conducted 4.356 physical checks of the goods and transport vehicles, 63 inspection controls of the importers and 522 scanning of containers in the port of Bar. On the basis of referred controls, Customs administration has detected 219 customs offences. We have initiated the procedure of post collection of customs debt in the amount of 3.726.770.00 Euro. We have filed 239 misdemeanour reports in the amount of 266.050.00 Euro, and also 30 requests for initiation of misdemeanour proceedings to the regional misdemeanour courts. In 128 cases we have sentenced the protective measure of seizing undeclared goods in the amount of 475.977,59 Euro, out of which 45% is the excise goods - cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.  Due to infringement of intellectual property rights, 14 customs procedures were terminated, the right holders were notified and there are on-going proceedings at competent courts.

During 2012, the customs officers have prevented the import of narcotics to Montenegro in 37 cases.  At the border crossing points Sukobin, Debeli Brijeg, Božaj and Šćepan Polje we have seized 647 kg of skunk, 4 kg of heroin and 686 grams of cocaine. The referred seizures were realized in cooperation with the officers of the olice administration. 

During 2012 the customs open line received 34 reports.  We have conducted verification and undertaken legally binding actions, and some of those reports were transferred to other competent government agencies.


Readmore: Rezultati 2012_ENG.pdf